Monday, 29 May 2006

2007 Mini Cooper Undisguised and Mini Sedan

MINI – first time undisguised:In September of this year BMW will launch the second generation Mini. The new model is expected to become only slightly bigger, and the styling carefully adapts the traditional features of the current successful car. However, it can be easily recognized by its different front – and rear end with larger round headlights and bigger taillights. Reason for the newly designed higher front end is not only the use of the new larger high-tech 1.6 litre fuel engine developed by BMW but also that it includes a pedestrian protection in case of an accident.
MINI TravellerExactly one year later BMW will add for the first time a wagon version to the model range which will be called Traveller. It is 20 cm longer in overall length than the new sedan and has a split rear door hinged at the sides. In addition, the prototypes are revealing second side-rear doors, which are narrower than the front doors – similar to the style of Mazda’s RX 8. On the pictures these doors are still under some taped disguise. All in all the Mini Traveller is more of a low and long car rather than a high and mighty-one like a Fiat Punto or the new Opel Corsa.
The photos are showing:The undisguised new Mini Cooper without any disguise. Very minor tape disguise was taken off the front end by computer. Three photos are showing a dark Mini sedan prototype.

I hopefully we get the 5 door Cooper and that these cars will look nicer in real life

Saturday, 27 May 2006

2007 Mitsubishi Shogun/Pajero/Montero

Mitsubishi is already plaaning a new shape for their beast. These photos show the test vehicle outside the Nurburgring in Germany. Engines will be similar to the current gen.

For more pictures and article click the link below:

2007 Honda CR-V Snagged

The next generation Honda CR-V is well underway as thi prototype goes towing testing in Germany. The next CR-V will be shorter but wider than the current gen.

Moderate taping on the side of the SUV but the rear lights are under heavy taping.

Saturday, 20 May 2006

2007 Mercedes C-Class Sedan

This Merc C-Class sedan was caught on a French morotorway doing what test cars do best....undergoing high speed testing. At a glance the car seems to be a AMG but no, it just has an AMG bodykit style.

Sources say that the next C-Class will look like a miniuture S-Class. Set to be on sale in 2007 in Europe and 2008 else where. A station wagon will follow shortly 6 months after the sedan has gone onsale. Coupes and convertibles will go on sale later on in 2008.

New Car: 2007 Opel/Vauxhall Corsa

The Corsa seems to be a regular on here with spy shots of the car undisguised and under heavy disguise. These are the official photos of Vauxhall's small baby. It will sit right between the Tigra and Astra.

Official pricing hasn't been announced yet for the UK but a £7,000 price seems reasonable

2007 Smart ForTwo Cabrio in The Lightest Disguise

Here we have is the next Smart ForTwo without any of the heavy disguise. The pictures show a cabriolet undergoing high speed testing in France on a French motorway. The only bits disguised is the front end and rear. The city car will be longer, wider, faster and taller than the current car. Offical press rellease will be April 2007.

The Smart SUV which was shown at the Frankfurt Motorshow will hint at the next ForTwo.

We will keep you post if any new info or pictures come out!

Sunday, 14 May 2006

Concept Car: Hyundai Getz Cross

Meets Hyundai's smallest 4x4. If this does go into production it will take on theVW CrossPolo and if it does reach South Of America it will take on the CrossFox over there. These jacked up cars don't sell well especially in the UK. If it does go into production it will be estimated at £9,500.

2006 Renault Trafic Facelift

Thanks to Ewans we can see the first sight of what the rear end of the 2006 Trafic Facelift looks like. As you see, the van is being transported on a transporter. Southern France now seems to be a hot spot to snag test cars. More info will be posted soon
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