2011 Nissan Juke buzz station

Hello and welcome to our first-ever buzz station. Here, you will find information, car reviews, high-resolution pictures and videos of the all-new 2011 Nissan Juke crossover.

Mini news feed:

31/10/11 - Nissan sells over 100,000 Jukes in Europe

24/09/11 - Nissan sells over 22,000 Jukes in the UK and launches a 2012 model

05/05/11 - Over 36,000 Jukes have been sold in 2011 so far with over 60,000 units sold since its launch

29/10/10 - Nissan sells over 1,600 Jukes in the UK

24/09/10 - Nissan Juke officially goes on sale in the UK

Nissan Juke on Twitter:


Car Reviews:

Autotrader UK

Autocar UK

Autocar UK road test



First Drive: Edmunds.com

Full Test: Edmunds.com


First Test: Motortrend.com

First Drive: Motortrend.com


Parkers UK

First Drive: WhatCar?

Full Test: WhatCar?

2011 Nissan Juke video:

2010 Geneva motor show debut:

Photo Galleries:

2011 Nissan Juke

Nissan Juke photo gallery

Nissan Juke production photo gallery

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providence used car said...

Wow! its an amazing car and after gone through your entire post i have now decided to buy a Juke for my firm house.

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