Saturday 31 December 2005

Vauxhall Astra CC (TwinTop) NAKED!

We at COTF have the first ever glimpse of the 2006 Astra CC NAKED on the roads. Spotted in Germany, outside Nurburgring free of disguise and with the roof down! Our own spy Hanjo took these sensational pictures. This coupe/convertible will have a 2 piece top. Front & rear face will be the same as the 3/5 door Astra. Not too sure wether this will be sold in Australia. If it does go to Australia it will be named as Holden and could arrive six months later than its launch date

Pontiac Solstice Turbo

Pontiac engineers ventured to the Nürburgring to take some hot laps in the hot version of the Solstice roadster. Several styling differences set this prototype apart as the turbocharged version of Pontiac's halo car. The high-performance additions to the Solstice clearly require more breathing ability. The large round lights set into the Solstice's bumper fascia - surrounded by bodywork on the standard 170-hp model - are set within additional honeycomb grillework on this prototype. Sharply sculpted edges outline the added grilles, giving more definition to the Solstice's face. The Turbo Solstice's more chiseled look is furthered by a deeper, squared-off jawline, which incorporates another thin air-intake slit at the bottom.
The changes at the rear are less pronounced: a subtle lip spoiler sets this more muscled model apart from the standard version. By applying a turbocharger to GM's 2.4-liter Ecotec engine, this Solstice will generate at least 240 horsepower, and rumors suggest it may even exceed 250 horses. Regardless of the final output numbers, this car should give serious competition to the likes of Mazda's new Miata, as long as the Solstice's final execution manages to live up to the promise of the car's sexy lines.

But why are they testing this sports car in Germany when its not sold in Europe?

Jaguar S-Type mule hiding a replacement?

Prototypes of heavily disguised Jaguar S-Types have been sighted in Germany. Since the S-Type isn't selling too well due to its retro styling, maybe a replacement is due soon?

Judging by the mule, the twin headlamp design seem smaller than usual and the front air-intake are larger than the current S-Type.

If it is getting replaced, expect the same engines to be carried over.

2007 Smart ForTwo

Smart is expected to build a 2007 Smart ForTwo. Smart is already going down the tiolet due to not selling enough cars. They already lost £600,000,000 so there might not be a next ForTwo. Smart CrossTown is suggested to strongly hint this city car. Smart is also ready to launch a pink version of the current car pricing at £6,650. Smart were also planning to biuld a 4x4 called the ForMore but that had to be stopped because of the problems they've had

2007 Volkswagen Crossover (Sfero)

Along with the "next" Polo Volkswagen is also planning a croosover.

To fill the gap between the Passat and the Phaeton sedans, Volkswagen is expected to introduce a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive crossover. Expected to arrive in concept form in 2005, the actual production version should to be ready to launch in 2007.The name "Sfero" was registered by Volkswagen in June of 2003. Insiders have told us that the Sfero will be a crossover between a wagon and an SUV, although all-wheel drive will not be offeredTo lessen the development costs, Bernd Pischetsrieder and Ferrari-boss Luca di Montezemolo are said to be in agreement for a unique technology transfer: While Maserati will deliver the chassis of their brand-new Quattroporte sedan as a base for the new VW Sfero, Volkswagen will deliver the 4x4 chassis of its Touareg off-roader for the future Maserati Kubang SUV. This deal is actually quite interesting for both parties: while the Touareg's 4x4-chassis is regarded to be the best currently available, the Quattroporte's transaxle chassis allows an excellent weight-balance and therefore promises superb handling for the Sfero.Another advantage of the Maserati chassis is the compatibility with Audi's V-8 engines. They are too large to be fitted under the hood of the next Passat - but they are said to fit perfectly in the Sfero, with the top-of-the line engine expected to offer as much as 450 horsepower. Other luxury features include a new active steering system, a wide track and long wheelbase (114.2 inches), an electrically operated rear door, air suspension and LED taillights, and an adaptive brake light.Lots of information has been leaking out about the Sfero, but apparently no decision has been made as to if the Sfero will be a four-, six- or even seven-passenger vehicle.

Tuesday 27 December 2005

Hyundai SUV spied in California

Caught undergoing very hot-weather testing in California, Hyundai is preparing a replacement for the aging and dated Terracan SUV.

Although Hyundai has remained very tight-lipped about this SUV, judging by the size of this, we can expect 7 seats to be fitted as standard. Peeking out back are dual exhaust pipes which hint at a powerful petrol engine at the front, maybe a 3.8 litre V6 engine. This engine is likely to kick out 260bhp through a 6 speed automatic transmission with manual-mode. Inside, Hyundai is set to use much better materials to offer the newcomer some quality.

Front-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive models will be available, along with a host of options and accessories. For a car-like drive, the chassis will be a unibody with a OLD lock-up torque converter.

Slotting above the Santa Fe in the line-up, the Terracan replacement should hit dealers in mid-2007 with prices starting under $30,000, but be warned, the new SUV will only be available in the U.S, South Korea, Brazil, Canada and the Middle East.

2006 Ferrari F430 GT

Ferrari is already testing it fast F430 GT. The F430 replaced the 360 in 2005. Theres hardly any infomation about this yet, but the side,front air vents suggest that this 4.3 litre engine could be injected with something.

Renault Espace facelift spied testing

Renault is testing the facelifted Espace in Europe.

As you can see from this image, the Espace will sport revised lights, bumpers and grille. Inside, the interior will be reworked to keep it up to date. Engines will be tweaked to offer better performance and lower emissions.

Top-secret C-Segment Kia spied

A Korean car manufacture, possibly Kia seems to be out testing an all-new model which will arrive in Europe sometime in 2007. According to spies, the vehicle appears to measure roughly the same size as the Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf.

Details of the newcomer are very sketchy but it's codename "ED" is understood to stand for "European Design". Other details include a name registered by Kia, engine sizes and possible future models. Although the name Cerato is still valid, it maybe replaced with the nameplate "Cee'd". As for engines, sizes are reported to range from 1.4 - 2.0 litre according to our insider. Our insider also stated the the "ED" will be accompanied by a coupe, estate, MPV and cabriolet sometime within the next 5 years.

The car will replace the slow-selling Cerato when it arrives in showrooms in 2007 will prices starting from as low as £11,000.

2006 BMW 3/4 Series

The camo on front of this test mule won't be as heavy as it is. These 3/4 Sreies prototypes are wearing very lights disguise but these pictures are a little older. Not sure wether BMW is going to call it 3 or 4 Series. When the Coupe/Cabriolet reaches England this sports car should be a big hit like the current car. Prices should be similar but alittle bit more than the current price. The older car only came in two versions Coupe and cabroilet. This however will be both so not as much money coming in as before.

Chery "Crossover"

Chery first showed a concept version of their upcoming "New Crossover" in Beijing in 2004, and Malcolm Bricklin made some momentous announcements regarding the brand at the 2005 Chicago Auto Show. These are the very first pictures of the New Crossover that's heading to the States sometime in 2007, according to the latest plan from Bricklin's Visionary Vehicles.
These exclusive images were shot as the New Crossover was being transported from a supplier in Germany to a Ford Transmission facility in Cologne.
This seven-seat crossover is expected to be one of three Chery vehicles launched in the United States as early as 2007. However, Bricklin recently said that he won't use the Chery name in the States, due to legal pressure from General Motors, owners of the Chevy brand.

As you see light tape disguising means its not really a top secret model. This looks very similar to its concept. This will take on the likes of the Renault Scenic, Ford C-max et which are sold in Europe and the UK. But Chery better watch out because Ford is bringing out it D-Max/Galaxy in 2006 or 2007 which itself is stylish and roomy.

Artist rendering of the next Fiat Stilo

The Fiat Stilo is now due a redesign. Launching back in 2000, the Stilo wasn't a hit with customers, especially in the UK. Poor packaging and reliability saw it lose out to rivals like the Ford Focus, Volkswagen Golf and Vauxhall/Opel Astra.

While this rendering may look like the current Grande Punto, reports suggest the G.Punto will influence the forthcoming Stilo, especially on exterior styling.

A coupe like roofline and raising waistline will give the newcomer a sleeker look, while the C-pillar based rear-lights blend seamlessly into the roof. The large panoramic glass sunroof will make the interior feel more roomy alongside the big windscreen.

Unlike the current Stilo, the muscular wheelarches and huge alloy wheels will give the car an athletic look. Up front, the small headlights, rectangular radiator grilles and small foglamps inserts echoe the Grande Punto's classy styling.

Look out for an introduction in 2007.

BMW X5 caught in Germany

These are the newest pictures of the next BMW X5. Caught in Germany, the next generation X5 will be a completely new model and still underpin the 5 Series.

Sources stated that the new X5 will arrive in both 5 seater and 7 seater layouts. Two petrol engines; 3.0 litre V6 and 4.8 litre V8 will be available, alongside a 3.0 litre V6 diesel. The default choice in Europe will be the diesel, accounting for 80% of sales. The 3.0 V6 petrol will produce 272bhp, 355bhp will be reserved for the 4.8 litre V8 and the 3.0 litre V6 diesel will get 235bhp.

UK prices should start from £40,000. While the 4.8 litre V8 petrol will be the current flagship engine, look-out for a 500bhp+, turbo-charged 4.4 litre V8.

Saturday 24 December 2005

Alfa Romeo 159 GTA?

We're not sure what this actually is but it seems to be an Alfa 156 GTA but people on web forums are saying that this car is in fact a 159 GTA. Snapped in Italy and wearing a factory plate this could be a 159 GTA. Our spy even said it sounded like a Ferrari. If it sounds like a Fezza it must be powerful. Alfa even taped/card-boarded the smile in between the exhausts. So WHAT could it actually be? We'll leave it upto you to decide.

Next generation Land Rover Freelander spied

These are the latest pictures of the next generation LR Freelander II. Caught undergoing high-speed testing around the Nurburgring race-track by our spy photographer, the camo doesn't exactly hide everything. The overall SUV will be larger than the model it replaces and it will be similarly styled to the outgoing model. Although the current model was a huge success in Europe and Asia, it was too small for the American liking.

Power is expected to come from a 3.2 litre V6 petrol and a 2.2 litre diesel engine. Both engines will get a choice of manual and automatic transmissions. Prices kick off at around £20,800.
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