Saturday 31 December 2005

Pontiac Solstice Turbo

Pontiac engineers ventured to the Nürburgring to take some hot laps in the hot version of the Solstice roadster. Several styling differences set this prototype apart as the turbocharged version of Pontiac's halo car. The high-performance additions to the Solstice clearly require more breathing ability. The large round lights set into the Solstice's bumper fascia - surrounded by bodywork on the standard 170-hp model - are set within additional honeycomb grillework on this prototype. Sharply sculpted edges outline the added grilles, giving more definition to the Solstice's face. The Turbo Solstice's more chiseled look is furthered by a deeper, squared-off jawline, which incorporates another thin air-intake slit at the bottom.
The changes at the rear are less pronounced: a subtle lip spoiler sets this more muscled model apart from the standard version. By applying a turbocharger to GM's 2.4-liter Ecotec engine, this Solstice will generate at least 240 horsepower, and rumors suggest it may even exceed 250 horses. Regardless of the final output numbers, this car should give serious competition to the likes of Mazda's new Miata, as long as the Solstice's final execution manages to live up to the promise of the car's sexy lines.

But why are they testing this sports car in Germany when its not sold in Europe?

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