Monday 28 November 2011

Super-rich find Bugatti Veyron SS too expensive (CN)

With all the doom-and-gloom surrounding Europe and the U.S with financial issues, where are supercar manufactures suppose to sell their products?

In China, of course! The communist country's billionaire club grew from 189 last year to 271 in 2011, while its millionaire club grew to 960,000. That's why every supercar firm is attending the first ever Asian edition of Monaco's annual Top Marques show that's taking place in Macau, to please Asia's 3.3 million millionaires.

Spied: 2013 Jaguar XF Sportbrake

The first spy photos of the Jaguar XF Sportbrake have emerged.

Spied undergoing testing in Northern Britain, the pre-production prototype is sporting extensive camouflage from the B-pillar back. A slightly sloping roofline and high window line will lend the XF Sportback a sporty, dynamic look. At the rear, LED light clusters will be pinched from the regular XF sedan, although rumours suggest blacked-out D-pillars will feature.

Saturday 26 November 2011

Video: Smashy, smashy; Man randomly vandalises Mazda forecourt

A young, smart dressed man went on a rampage at a Mazda dealership in San Diego, CA, causing around $50,000 in damages.

Police weren't sure why the man, named locally as Edward Roth, vandalised a row of new cars and some offices within the showroom. The dealership claim they have never interacted with Roth, making the rampage even more random.

Friday 25 November 2011

Teaser: 2013 Mercedes SL Roadster

Mercedes has teased the new SL Roadster, ahead of its launch in mid-2012.

Like many new Mercedes' models, the 2013 SL Roadster will be lighter, thanks to an 89% aluminium bodyshell. The lighter bodyshell, along with a host of other lighter materials, will mean the SL saves 140kg (308lbs) over its predecessor.

Nissan awards new car to organiser's friend (AU)

Nissan Australia's Facebook page has been taken over by complaints that a brand-new Micra supermini, worth $20,000AUD, was given way in a competition to the organiser's friend.

Nissan Australia awarded the car to Zac Martin, who is listed on Simon Oboler’s, Nissan customer experience channel co-ordinator, blog as his “BFF” – “best friend forever.”

Teens prefer smartphones over cars

Ten years ago, one would never think that a car would compete with a mobile phone for a teenagers love, but that now seems true.

According to a study conducted in the U.S, teenagers are more interested in smartphones than cars.

Barack Obama tops Craigslist poll as the most-trusted

According to a recent poll from YouGov/Craigslist, Britons would purchase a used car from Barack Obama than Nicholas Sarkozy.
The poll was answered by over 2,000 online correspondents as to what politician they would trust to purchase a used car from. Alongside Sarkozy, Italy's ex-Silvio Berlusconi and Russia Vladimir Putin sat at the bottom of the poll as the least trusted.

Tuesday 22 November 2011

Spied: 2013 SEAT León

Spies have caught the clearest photos yet of the upcoming Seat León compact.

Snapped undergoing warm, chassis-testing on a test track in Southern Spain, the prototypes are sporting a sleeker windscreen, sloping roofline, and a striking the rear end with LED lights. The fascia seems to reflect the current line-up, with striking headlights, narrow grille, and large air intakes.

Video: Ice, ice baby

When the weather turns in parts of Russia, it can be a bitch.

While some motorists have very little problem driving on an ice-covered, snow-topped road, others are slipping and sliding on the streets of Vladivostok. Check out the videos after the jump.

Video: Reunited; Former-owner reunited with Chevy Impala after 30 years

Here's a video guaranteed to put a smile on your face and proves that people are emotionally attached to their cars.

Herb Younger owned a 1965 Chevrolet Impala SS and was forced to sell it in the 80's to pay for his two son's college (university) tuition. Little did Younger know that twenty years later, his sons, Jared and Derek, would spend five years searching for their dad’s old car.

Video: Woman struggles to park Smart ForTwo

Unlike the guys filming the footage, we'll hold on from having a laugh at this poor woman who has trouble parking her first-generation Smart [ForTwo] City-Coupé in a space large enough for two city-cars.

After obsessively trying to get the vehicle within the parking bay, she gives up.

Say what: Mercedes executive arrested under immigration law

A Mercedes executive was imprisoned after failing to produce relevant documents when pulled over by the police.

According to Fox News and The Associated Press, the 46-year-old man was jailed after failing to tag his rental car. Before a companion could provide the passport, visa and German driver’s license that were left in a hotel room, the executive was arrested.

Friday 18 November 2011

Volkswagen may replace dated 2.5 litre five-cylinder petrol unit in (U.S)

According to reports from the U.S, Volkswagen may replace its aged 2.5 litre five-cylinder petrol unit with a turbocharged four-cylinder 1.8 TSI engine that founds in VAG cars like the Škoda Octavia, Audi A5, and Volkswagen Passat in Europe.

Whereas the naturally-aspirated 2.5 litre unit produces 170bhp (172PS/127kW) and 240Nm of torque, the new 1.8 litre TSI will develop 158bhp (160PS/118kW) and 250Nm of torque.

Monday 14 November 2011

Teaser: 2013 Ford Mustang facelift

Ford has surprised many with new teaser photos of the upcoming Mustang facelift. Ford plans to reveal four new images for every 5,000 “likes” it receives on its Facebook page.

The 2013MY Mustang will feature a revised front grille, headlamps, instrument binnacle with a colour LCD screen, and LED tail-lights.

Saturday 12 November 2011

Spied: 2013 Honda CR-V

Honda's new compact SUV has been spied undisguised, ahead of its world debut next week, at a recent media event.

The pre-production CR-V's with all-wheel-drive were snagged roaming around in California, alongside the outgoing model for comparison purposes. Spies also snapped the interior, which features a compact screen on the centre stack, new instrument panel, and a foot-operated parking brake.

Spy photos: 2013 Volvo V30

Spy photographers have nabbed the Volvo V30 again, this time without the fake body panels, as it undergoes extensive chassis testing on a private track in Southern Spain, alongside the upcoming Vauxhall/Opel premium supermini.

Taken with a telephoto lens, the V30 appears to carry over Volvo's new design language, so expect a sleek, stylish fascia with bug-eye-like headlights and vertically-curved tail-lights. Inside, we expect the cabin to be influenced from the recent S60 sedan.

Wednesday 9 November 2011

Spy photos: 2013 Toyota Auris/Corolla and Auris/Corolla Hybrid

Toyota has begun testing the new shape Auris/Corolla hatchback in Europe.

Spied in the marque's new test facilities in Belgium, the new hatchback will be larger than the model it replaces, as it sits on a fresh chassis. Beneath the thick disguise, an aggressive fascia with angular headlights poke through.

Spied: 2013 Ford Mondeo/Fusion

Spies have caught up with the fourth-generation Ford Mondeo/second-generation Fusion outside a Ford facility in Michigan.

Like every other Ford model, the newcomer will be sold globally, under different nameplates. Europe, Australia, Russia and Asia will receive the Mondeo badge, while North America, South America, and the Middle-East will receive the Fusion.

Spy photos: 2013 Mercedes E-Class facelift

If these spy photos are anything to go by, Mercedes is readying a facelifted E-Class.

Bursting onto the scene two years ago, this early prototype sports larger fog lamps with repositioned LED daytime running lights up front. Although the rear seems intact, we expect reworked tail-lights and a new bumper.

Tuesday 8 November 2011

Spied: 2013 Audi A3

Spy photographers have caught up with the forthcoming Audi A3 undergoing testing in Germany.

The outline of the new A3 is instantly recognisable, although it will almost look like an enlarged A1, with a single frame grille, flag-like door mirrors, and a fascia that draws from the new Audi line-up.

Sunday 6 November 2011

Leaked: 2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupé facelift

Ahead of its world debut at the North American International Auto Show in January 2012, more leaked images of the Hyundai Genesis Coupé facelift have appeared.

Externally, the reworked fascia mirrors that of the smaller Veloster and includes new headlights with daytime LED's and a ventilated bonnet, purely for aesthetic reasons. Restyled door mirrors, chrome window trim, reshaped rear LED lights and bumper complete the external makeover.

Video: Fire friendly; Ferrari FF spontaneously combusts

The Ferrari FF has inherited a new meaning for its 'FF' abbreviation; Fire Friendly. According to local media in Germany, a 44 year old owner of the FF was test-driving the supercar on the Autobahn in Frankfurt when he heard a “loud bang” and detected flames coming from the rear of the supercar.

Pulling up safely on the side, he watched the €370,000 supercar roast as smoke billowed from the vehicle. The cause of the fire is unknown but Ferrari recalled around 1,200 mid-engined 458's last year due to faulty wheelarch adhesive.

Video: Ferrari 458 Italia driver loses control

It doesn't matter how skilled you are when it comes to driving, handling a powerful supercar carries risks, especially if you disengage electronic aids. Unfortunately, there's always one douchébag moron who thinks they needn't worry.

Like this guy in a Ferrari 458 Italia. He lost control of the Italian supercar and almost ploughs into three photographers. The driver didn't think to apologise for his negligence. If that wasn't bad enough, he almost hit them for the second time.

Saturday 5 November 2011

Say what: Toyota dealer awarded $7.5m in damages

In sales, one will be taught all sorts of dirty techniques to persuade a customer into purchasing a specific product or service. Unfortunately, the sales manager of Bob Tyler Toyota in Pensacola, Florida taught its employees one of the dirtiest; using racist antics against other dealers, of the same brand.

You see, the staff from the Floridian Toyota outlet depicted fellow Iranian-born Shawn Esfahani, who owns Eastern Shore Toyota in Daphne, Alabama, as an Islamist militant to shoppers.

Video: Fight; Russian motorist given a small talking too

Attempting to navigate roads anywhere in the world can be a bitch, especially in parts of Russia.

As you'll see after the break at a zebra crossing, where the pedestrian has right of way, a motorist felt as if he had the right of way and didn't let the pedestrian cross. After getting a small talking to by the walker, the driver approaches the next crossing with caution.

Video: New driver gets assistance from fellow driver

From time to time, we all need some assistance, like the owner of this previous-generation Volkswagen Polo hatchback.

Shot in a South Korean underground car park via a CCTV camera, the driver, who seems inexperienced, couldn't get the manual-transmissioned car around the corner and ended up rolling into a Cadillac SRX. After explaining, the Cadillac driver was more than happy to assist her.

Tuesday 1 November 2011

Video: Shhh, the baby is fast asleep

Have you ever seen a child asleep in a kitchen chair that's placed on a scooter which is in motion? Apparently it's common practise in Taiwan, where this video was shot.

Although the child seems to be wearing a helmet, that chair doesn't look too secure.

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