Saturday 25 June 2011

Audi A1 production reaches 100,000th milestone

The A1 premium supermini is proving to be an astounding success for Audi. Just after one year since its launch and without any assistance from the United States or China, the 100,000th A1 rolled off the production line at the marque's Brussels facility in Belgium. The ice white milestone model was bearing the signatures of 2,400 workers in colours of the Belgian flag: yellow, red and black.

The milestone was so important that Audi invited King Albert II of Belgium to see off the 100,000th car and was treated to a factory tour with the factory's Rupert Stadler.

“We are very honoured that the King of Belgium has taken such a great interest in Audi and that he has visited our plant,” said Rupert Stadler. “The Forest site has been part of the Audi family – and the Company’s success story – for four years now. With the Audi A1, Audi Brussels is making a major contribution to the dynamic growth of our brand.”

Audi obtained the Brussels complex from Volkswagen in 2007 and has since invested around €300 million to bring it up to date. It's understood that Audi will be expanding the A1 line-up with a 5dr, convertible, all-wheel-drive Quattro, and performance S1 variants.

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