Thursday 2 June 2011

One in 10 British drivers prepared to run the risk of being caught without insurance cover

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In less than a month, Continuous Insurance Enforcement will be implemented, making it illegal to own a motor vehicle without valid insurance unless it has been declared ‘off the road’. Leading price comparison site asked its visitors how the new law will affect the way they think about insurance and the outcome suggests the law will fail to have an impact on a worryingly large proportion of British drivers.

Moneysupermarket’s research shows that 56 per cent of motorists say they’ll be more prudent and will shop around for a better car insurance premium. Eight per cent of those who took part in the survey, however, said that they’d continue with their policy and renew it as normal.

Encouragingly, 27 per cent of respondents claimed to make sure that their vehicles were continuously insured, although a staggering 10 per cent said they’d be willing to take the risk of continuing without any insurance, which would involve stumping up for a fine if necessary.

June’s impending Continuous Insurance Enforcement (CIE) law will require the registered owners of cars, vans and motorbikes to have insurance, with the only exception being in the case of those vehicles registered for a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification). Those who fail to comply with the new laws will face a fixed penalty and, in some cases, legal action.

A car insurance expert at, Peter Harrison, highlighted the importance on the crackdown on those motorists who choose to drive around without insurance.

He said: “Uninsured drivers cost the industry £500 million each year, which as a result adds an average of £30 to every motorist’s premium.”

Worryingly, Peter Harrison also pointed out that Moneysupermarket’s research found that one in six drivers surveyed admitted to having driven without insurance, which is against the law in the UK.

He added: “With CIE legislation coming into force next month, this should help drive down the number of uninsured drivers on our roads, a move which can only be applauded. All motorists need to be vigilant though – especially leisure drivers or motorbike enthusiasts who only use their vehicles occasionally and let their insurance lapse in the meantime; they need to declare their vehicle as SORN or renew!”

For sites like moneysupermarket cheap car insurance is important in the battle against insurance dodgers. Peter Harrison warned that, with insurance premiums rising by an average of 44 pence per day, motorists should most certainly shop around to find the best deal.

He said: “The average saving on an annual car insurance policy using is £282, so I urge everyone to do their research and not automatically accept their renewal without checking there isn’t a better alternative.”

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