Wednesday 29 June 2011

European driving habits revealed

Tyre producer, Goodyear Dunlop carried out a Summer survey to analyse European driving habits of 15 nations. While some of the results are unsurprising, others are eye-opening. You have been warned....

The survey shows that 48% of British drivers are nervous when driving aboard with a third set to drive around 400 miles (644km). A quarter said they will drive for five-hours before taking a 30 minute break.

Within the next few months, Russians holiday makers are likely to drive long distances, with over a half intending to drive in excess of 2,000 miles (3,220km).

Before driving off, Italian driver's are likely to get their car checked over by a mechanic, meanwhile 22% of German drivers consider themselves to be relaxed. Around 9% of promiscuous Spanish drivers have admitted to having sex while driving!

We wouldn't advise that latter, especially if you're a man.

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