Motor Mania and Motor Mania Buzz are popular websites, with rapidly increasing unique daily visitors and thousands of hits.

There are numerous advertising options available with us. Firstly, you can choose between a text ad or a banner (maximum width of 300px) for $120 - $145 a month, which will go on the side bar. Due to its high-click rate, this would be suitable for car insurance companies, car dealerships, freight companies, and automotive part suppliers. Additionally, your text ad or banner advertisement (maximum width of 440px) can be placed at the bottom of the homepage for $40 - $65 a month and text link will cost $3.50 a month.  Long-term discounts are also offered.

Secondly, you can post a guest article and advertise within, using a link for $6 per post. Please e-mail us at For guest posts, please send them to
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