Monday 20 June 2011

New Car: 2012 Mazda BT-50 Freestyle

Mazda will launch a new variant of the BT-50, called Freestyle at the Australian International Motor Show.

Fundamentally an extended-cab BT-50, the Freestyle offered suicide rear doors to offer better access into the cabin. The rear seat cushions have been extended by 50mm and the seatback by 128mm, according to Mazda.

The bed now has luggage capacity of 1,453 litres, up 266 litres from its predecessor. Expect a range of hard-top canopies, bed liners, and accessories to be available. Sales start later this year.

Press Release:

All-new Mazda BT-50 Freestyle Cab To Make Its Global Debut At Aims

Mazda has confirmed that the Freestyle Cab version of its All-New BT-50 utility will make its global debut at the upcoming Australian International Motor Show to be held in Melbourne on 1 - 10 July.

Utilising the revolutionary Freestyle door configuration first seen on the RX-8, the BT-50 Freestyle Cab offers a unique combination of seating for four, an exceptionally wide pillar-less door opening, and a large carrying capacity.

On each side of the cabin, a front-hinged door and a rear access panel combine to provide a 1,408mm-wide opening that makes for easy entry to and exit from either the front or rear seats.

Rear-seat comfort has been taken to levels never seen before in the Freestyle Cab. Cushions have been lengthened by 50mm for better thigh support and more stable fitment of child seats while the seatback height has been increased by 128mm.

The rear seat cushions can be removed and with the rear access panels opening to an angle of nearly 90 degrees, the option of loading and storing cargo into the rear seating area of the cab has never been easier.

A further advantage of the All-New BT-50 Freestyle Cab is its capacious carrying capacity. The cargo tub has increased in width, length and height resulting in an overall cargo volume of 1,453 litres. This is an increase of 266 litres over the equivalent current model.

Mazda Australia managing director, Doug Dickson, points to the significance of this global unveiling. "Just as we were delighted to be given the privilege of hosting the global debut of the All-New BT-50 Dual Cab in Sydney last year, we are equally delighted to be hosting the global debut of the Freestyle Cab in Melbourne this year. With Australia expected to be the largest market for the All-New BT-50 it's no coincidence that we've been asked to host not one but two global unveilings of this important new model. It's only appropriate that the Australian public see it first."

The All-New Mazda BT-50 will go on sale later this year.

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