Friday 25 November 2011

Barack Obama tops Craigslist poll as the most-trusted

According to a recent poll from YouGov/Craigslist, Britons would purchase a used car from Barack Obama than Nicholas Sarkozy.
The poll was answered by over 2,000 online correspondents as to what politician they would trust to purchase a used car from. Alongside Sarkozy, Italy's ex-Silvio Berlusconi and Russia Vladimir Putin sat at the bottom of the poll as the least trusted.

“If Obama fails to win re-election next year, he could always launch a used car business in the UK”, says Jim Buckmaster, CEO of craigslist. “But he should clearly avoid partnering with Silvio Berlusconi, or even David Cameron.”

This sort of “used-car test” of public trust is a good one for any politician”, adds Buckmaster.

Photo Credit: Reuters
President Barack Obama at a recent
NATO meeting in Lisbon, Portugal, with a Opel Ampera
“Americans used to ask of Richard Nixon when he was running for President, ‘Would you want to buy a used car from him?’ But it’s a question that we should ask of all politicians – especially now that you might actually find yourself buying a car from one, via craigslist.”

The first question was: “Which one of the following world leaders would you LEAST like to buy a used car from?”. The second was the opposite: “Which one would you MOST like to buy one from?”

Pedants might argue that Berlusconi is no longer a leader, since he has now finally quit as Italy’s Prime Minister, even though many are already predicting that, like Terminator, he’ll be back.

Q. Which ONE of the following world leaders would you MOST LIKE to buy a used car from?


1. Barack Obama 28

2. Angela Merkel 14

3. David Cameron 13

4= Vladimir Putin 2

4.= Silvio Berlusconi 2

6. Nicholas Sarkozy 1

None of these 28

Don’t know 12

Q. Which ONE of the following world leaders would you LEAST LIKE to buy a used car from?


1. Silvio Berlusconi 35

2.= David Cameron 16

2.= Vladimir Putin 16

4. Nicholas Sarkozy 8

5. Barack Obama 2

6. Angela Merkel 1

None of these 9

Don’t know 14%

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