Tuesday 27 December 2005

Hyundai SUV spied in California

Caught undergoing very hot-weather testing in California, Hyundai is preparing a replacement for the aging and dated Terracan SUV.

Although Hyundai has remained very tight-lipped about this SUV, judging by the size of this, we can expect 7 seats to be fitted as standard. Peeking out back are dual exhaust pipes which hint at a powerful petrol engine at the front, maybe a 3.8 litre V6 engine. This engine is likely to kick out 260bhp through a 6 speed automatic transmission with manual-mode. Inside, Hyundai is set to use much better materials to offer the newcomer some quality.

Front-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive models will be available, along with a host of options and accessories. For a car-like drive, the chassis will be a unibody with a OLD lock-up torque converter.

Slotting above the Santa Fe in the line-up, the Terracan replacement should hit dealers in mid-2007 with prices starting under $30,000, but be warned, the new SUV will only be available in the U.S, South Korea, Brazil, Canada and the Middle East.

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