Tuesday 27 December 2005

Chery "Crossover"

Chery first showed a concept version of their upcoming "New Crossover" in Beijing in 2004, and Malcolm Bricklin made some momentous announcements regarding the brand at the 2005 Chicago Auto Show. These are the very first pictures of the New Crossover that's heading to the States sometime in 2007, according to the latest plan from Bricklin's Visionary Vehicles.
These exclusive images were shot as the New Crossover was being transported from a supplier in Germany to a Ford Transmission facility in Cologne.
This seven-seat crossover is expected to be one of three Chery vehicles launched in the United States as early as 2007. However, Bricklin recently said that he won't use the Chery name in the States, due to legal pressure from General Motors, owners of the Chevy brand.

As you see light tape disguising means its not really a top secret model. This looks very similar to its concept. This will take on the likes of the Renault Scenic, Ford C-max et which are sold in Europe and the UK. But Chery better watch out because Ford is bringing out it D-Max/Galaxy in 2006 or 2007 which itself is stylish and roomy.

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