Saturday 25 February 2006

2006 Ford F-350 Facelift (Super-Dutys)

These pictures show Ford's biggest pick-up truck undergoing a facelift. Ford' Super Duty trucks will be redesigned with a greater emphasis on the interiors.

Ford plans a ground-up redesign for all of its Super Duty truck models, including the F-250 and F-350, for the 2007 model year. It's believed that the look of these trucks will be a further development of the F-350 Tonka concept, bringing the eye-popping brashness of that model to market. The company is reportedly stressing the cabin design of the new Super Duty trucks, with at least five different interior trim levels available. Choices will range from the functional to luxurious. Ford has also extended its contract with Harley-Davidson past 2007, so it can be expected that Harley-Davidson as well as King Ranch editions of the various Super Duty models will be available. It's likely that the first of these new trucks will appear in the fall of 2006.

If these are going to look like Tonka vehicles then these must be so big that they probably won't even fit on the European roads...

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