Sunday 26 March 2006

2007 Ford Focus Caught On Camera (US Facelift)

rash of prototype sightings around the streets of Detroit suggests that Ford is preparing a new face for the Focus. Judging by the horizontal grille bars and slim angular headlights residing behind the camouflage, it appears that a Fusion-inspired face may be in the cards for the next freshening of the Focus. Many enthusiast magazines have urged Ford to inject some new life into its U.S. fleet by replacing our warmed-over first-generation Focus with the European model. However, the European market Focus went up-market with its last redesign and Ford has already confirmed it will not be coming here due to cost related to using the C1 platform. Whether Ford can keep Focus sales steady by tweaking the design to match the new Ford family look remains to be seen. It faces some pretty challenging competition, the redesigned Honda Civic and Mazda 3 are tough acts to keep up with when you are getting old in platform years, watch out Ford!

Thats was I thought. It will have the Ford Fusion Sedan grille and possibly front lights too.

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