Sunday, 28 January 2007

2007 Citroen C5 Caught Cold

These are the very first photos of the next Citroen C5. Despite the heavy bin liner disguise the roofline and the overall shape of the car can just about be made out. The current C5 only comes in two body styles a hatchback (which can easily be mistakan for a sedan) and a mid-sized stationwagon and for the first time there could be a sedan for the next generation.
All though, a pre-production model was caught undisguise in France a while ago. The impression and the undisguised pre-production model look very alike. Unlike its competitors, the next C5 should look sporty and sleek.
As for the engines, the diesels will be kept as they are the European favorties but petrol engines will change. We currently don't know what they are so I guess that Citroen could be keeping the range topping 3.0i V6.
The 2 photo are showing a prototype which is a hatchback undegoing cold weather testing in Northern Scandinavia

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