Thursday 25 June 2009

BMW set to introduce 7 Series AWD

BMW is planning to introduce all-wheel-drive powertrains on its 7 Series sedan with the first models featuring the new technology later this year. The four-wheel-drive 7 Series will make its debut at the Frankfurt motorshow in September and for many it is a long overdue development.

It will carry BMW's xDrive tag and will initially be available only in the 407bhp 750i version but may feature in more petrol variants. There are no plans for an all-wheel-drive diesel 7 Series however. The AWD 7 Series is also likely to feature electronic 'Hill-Descent' control and the cars will have increased ride-heights and special underbody protection. AWD will add around £2,000 on to the asking price over the rear-wheel-drive variants and it will increase fuel consumption by about 1-2mpg.

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