Saturday 5 December 2009

Renault causes some serious uproar (FR)

Renault's decision to call it electric supermini Zoe has caused pandemonium in France.

Press report suggested that parents of children named Zoe have flooded the company with complaints and launched online petitions demanding the name be changed.

"Our daughters have a beautiful first name that must not be associated with a car, so let us unite to bring pressure on a multinational which is going to destroy this pretty name for a children," says a petition launched by Sebastien Mortreus, from Auby.

"It's a scandal that they are able to use common first names for products." Zoe is the 17th favourite girls name for newborns in France but Renault is unimpressed by the arguments and is sticking with the moniker.

"It is a name that evokes values of femininity, of youth, a playful spirit and vivacity..". "It is also a reference to the concept of zero emissions."

Originally, the Zoe concept was a concept car with 3 seats that hinted at the current Twingo city-car. The forthcoming Zoe electric car will arrive in 2012.

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