Monday 22 March 2010

Citroën 2CV returns as a modifed Citroen C3; first spy picture

Update: 01/04/10: It turns out that this spy-shot is indeed an camouflagued C3 supermini, intended as an April fools joke by Greek car magazine '4 Wheels'. Click here for more.

Spy photographers have caught what seems to be a test mule for the second generation 2CV supermini. Snapped undergoing chassis testing outside Citroën's HQ in Belchamps, France, the mule seems to be based on the C3 supermini - suggesting the newcomer will underpin the C3 platform.

The original 2CV was famous for its comfortable ride and low fuel consumption, so using the C3 platform will allow Citroën engineers to tamper with the suspension and use fuel-efficient engines. Whilst also being quite modern, the 2CV won’t forget it roots; a chiselled bonnet leading down the top radiator grille and over-sized rear fenders will remain.

Set to be unveiled at the Paris motorshow in 2012, the 2CV could have a name change. Names like DS2 and DS2i have been rumoured, hinting the car will be more upscale compared with the 62 year old original, which was known for being 'cheap and cheerful'. This potential change will leave space for Citroën's forthcoming Cactus supermini as the firms budget car and gives Citroën a rival to the Fiat 500, Volkswagen Beetle and Mini Cooper as an affordable, retro-styled, must-have car. Closer inspection indicates that the car is very likely to feature a roll-back canvas top, rather than a panoramic glass roof. Whether the fabric top will be electrical remains to be seen.

Powering the ‘Tin Snail’, ‘The Duck, ‘Little Freak’, ‘Two Horses’, whatever you want to call it, will be a range of 3 & 4 cylinder petrol and diesel engines; 1.0 litre 68bhp, 1.4 litre 75bhp & 95bhp, 1.4 HDi 70bhp & 1.6 HDi 90bhp. However, speculation reveals that a diesel-hybrid or an EV could be in the pipeline.

The 2CV will feature modern safety equipment like ESP, ABS, x2 airbags, seatbelt pre-tensioners, active headrests and lots more. We also expect a wide-range of options and accessories to be made available to customers. Prices could start at £8,000 when the car its UK shores in 2013.


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