Tuesday, 3 April 2007

2007 Mercedes C-Class Out In The Wild

Here we have are one of the first real life pictures of the 2007 Mercedes C-Class up close. The vehicle is already on sale in some European markets and sales are beginning now in the UK.
Mercedes hopes that the new C-Class will eat the Audi A4 & BMW 3 Series alive. Pricing is yet to be announced in the UK but basic European models starts from €34.212,50. Also the car has received an award for being the most environmentally friendly in its class.
The black Mercedes C 220 CDI was snapped in Stuttgart by a member of public walking past. Numerous road tests were done with the C-Classes competitors like the BMW 3 Series and turns out that the 3 Series came out on top but the C-Class wasn't slated because of its rear legroom.
Expect UK prices to start around £23,000 for the basic model with the AMG going upto £60,000

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