Tuesday 14 April 2009

Mercedes E-Class receives 50,000 pre-orders (EU)

Mercedes has announced that they have received nearly 50,000 pre-orders for their redesigned E-Class sedan. The news couldn't have come at a better time as the brand's March sales declined 17.5%. Most E-Class sedans went to fleets to be used as taxis.

Under the hood, the new sedan offers a variety of petrol and diesel engines. Diesels consist of 136bhp E200 CDI, 170bhp E220 CDI, E250 CDI with 204bhp and the E350 CDI with 231bhp. Petrols consist of a 184bhp E200 CGI, E250 CGI with 204bhp, E350 CGI with 292bhp and the V8 powered E500 with 388bhp.

The E-Class sedan recently went on sale in Europe and U.S sales are expected to begin in July, with UK sales due in June. In a few months, Mercedes will launch their high-performance E63 AMG and the new E-Class coupe.

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