Friday 14 August 2009

Revealing spy photos of '10 Porsche Cayenne

For the first time, Porsche engineers have stripped some camouflage off the 2010 Cayenne SUV. The only parts that are fully covered are the front and rear ends, but happily the protruding headlights are similar to the Panamera sedan. The rear lights are smaller and longer than the outgoing vehicle. Compare the photos yourself of an early prototype, testing in Austria. The next generation Cayenne will be substantially smaller and more compact to make it lighter, and to follow the global trend of down-sizing.

Porsche has been testing the vehicle in many different environments and is currently putting it on the Nürburgring for some chassis tuning. Smaller SUV's tend to be lighter and more fuel efficient, so the 2010 Cayenne will be no different. Petrol and diesel engines will be available, alongside a possible petrol-hybrid.

Production is scheduled to begin in 2010 with deliveries starting after. A forthcoming debut will be almost certain at a major motorshow.

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