Wednesday 10 February 2010

Lexus LFA demand set to outstrip supply

Lexus expects demand for its new £343k LFA supercar to outstrip supply when order books open in Spring.

Just 500 units will be produced, with around one-fifth of these assigned to Europe. European sales are taking place at Lexus’ Park Lane showroom in London and the car’s dedicated salesman, Devshi Varshani believes the LFA has already cemented its place among the great supercars.

“The level of interest we have witnessed reinforces just what an exceptional car the LFA is,” he said. “Even though few people have even seen the car in the metal, let alone experienced its breathtaking performance, it has quickly achieved the status of a truly rare and highly sought-after machine.”

Prospective buyers can register their interest in the LFA up until the end of the Geneva motorshow. So far, more than 500 people have expressed an interest, ensuring Lexus will have to hand pick who it sells each individual model to. After this registration process, Lexus will decide how to allocate the 500 models to the 56 countries where it will be sold depending on how much interest there has been in each region.

In the U.S, the LFA will be leased to customers and not sold, in order to avoid second-hand prices over-inflating and to keep the cars exclusivity.

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