Saturday 1 July 2006

2007 Aston Martin DBS

Aston Martin DBS - James Bond’s latest wheels for the road:

Aston Martin has recently unveiled the company’s latest movie star called DBS, as the famous secret agent 007’s next super car. It will be driven by Daniel Craig in the movie Casino Royale which will appear in the cinemas in November this year.
This new Aston Martin DBS continues the long-time association with the James Bond franchise from which an Aston Martin DB 5 made its first appearance in the Bond movie “Goldfinger” back in 1964. While Bond’s fictional vehicle will be unique for the movie, Casino Royale, Aston Martin is about to set up an additional small 300 unit production line of a DBS road version, pictured here during high speed testing at Nürburgring.
The DBS is based on an uprated version of the DB 9, has a wider track and lower ground clearance, bold scoops and air intakes in the front, and according to rumours the V12 engine’s performance was boosted from 450 bhp to over 500 bhp. It is expected to cost no less than £130.000.

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