Friday 21 July 2006

2007 Holden Commodore, WM Stateman & Caprice Prices

Holden today released pricing for the all-new 2006 series of Holden Commodore, highlighting several significant reductions compared with equivalent models in the previous generation.Prices were also announced for the upcoming WM Statesman and Caprice, with Caprice moving under the $70,000-mark and the V8 flagship version priced at less than the previous V6 model.Holden released the information after briefing almost 300 Holden dealers at a national event in Queensland today. The VE and WM pricing schedule reflects the revised model lineup for the all-new Commodore and represents outstanding value in every model. They include the new Omega model and flagship V-Series models, plans for which were announced at Holden's VE reveal event on Sunday.Buyers are now able to purchase SS performance or Calais luxury for $6800 and $8400 less respectively than their VZ equivalents.The 2006 Holden Commodore series will be priced from a recommended retail price of $34,490 for Omega. This is a price increase of just $500 or 1.5 per cent while offering all the structural and technological advances of the new generation Commodores.Pricing for the new Berlina has been rolled back $3900 to a recommended retail price of $39,990 despite offering more prestige, technology and value.Holden also announced plans for a special model for private buyers, the Commodore V-Series, to be offered from September to celebrate the release of the fourth generation Commodore family.Holden's Executive Director of Sales, Marketing and Aftersales, Alan Batey, said Holden had designed a model structure which offered compelling choice at every level of purchase. Batey said the pricing left no doubt about Holden's intent in Australia. "Commodore has always represented exceptional value for money and Holden has added even more value with the all-new models," Mr Batey said."Almost 40 passenger car brands are competing for market share and we need to consider more competitors than ever before in setting our pricing structure."Our model lineup enables us to make SS and Calais more accessible to buyers, while allowing room for differentiation with the new V-Series variants."Commodore V-Series special modelMr Batey said the Commodore V-Series was Holden's gesture to celebrate the first all-new Commodore in nine years.He said Holden had defined the practice of regular special edition releases and Commodore V-Series was the best possible way to mark the company's biggest milestone for many years."Special edition models have long been a part of our plan. Commodore V-Series is designed for private buyers to celebrate the arrival of VE and recognise Commodore's compelling value," Mr Batey said."The Commodore V-Series will be on sale for the rest of this year and we expect there will be strong demand."Based on the Omega model, the Commodore V-Series includes air conditioning, 17-inch alloys, rear spoiler, body color mirrors and door handles. The Commodore V-Series is for sale to private buyers only. Fleet consultationMr Batey said Holden had already consulted widely with major fleet buyers and was confident its pricing would also exceed expectations for fleet and user-chooser markets."The consultation process has been extremely valuable," he said."We have put together a package which continues to represent strong value for fleets with specification level and key price points meeting the needs of diverse fleet policies."The pricing and model repositioning strategy will support long term value in these vehicles and ultimately maintain a strong residual value position over its competitors."Mr Batey said corporate buyers had shown particular interest in key safety features, including the standard provision of Electronic Stability Program (ESP®) and the availability of side impact and curtain airbags in all models."We have put in what is important to our biggest customers in each model," he said.The 2006 Holden Commodore range will go on sale across Australia in August 2006. The Commodore V-Series special model will go on sale in September. A full list of features for the WM Statesman and Caprice will be released closer to the start of sales in September 2006.


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