Sunday 16 July 2006

2007 Renault Laguna 3 Caught In Spain

The sharp-edged styling of the old model is expected to give way to a smarter, smoother shape. It will borrow heavily from the 2004 Fluence concept, and previews a new design direction for the French firm. As you can see, the brand's famous diamond logo will dominate the front of the car, set between flush-fitting headlamps. The low, rounded nose looks good, but has safety benefits, too. It has been created to comply with the latest Euro NCAP pedestrian impact tests as Renault aims to cement its reputation for building the safest vehicles.At the rear are distinctive light clusters and pronounced haunches, giving the model a sporty and aggressive stance. Inside, the popular hatch there will be high-grade plastics and soft touch finishes, as on the latest Clio. The heavily disguised family model was caught testing by reader Abigail Rogerson, who spotted the prototype at the Sierra Nevada ski resort in Spain.It will face tough competition when it arrives in the UK, going head-to-head with Ford's all-new Mondeo. The Laguna is expected to hit showrooms late next year, after making its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in autumn 2007.

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