Thursday, 10 May 2007

2010 Hyundai Coupe/Tiburon Caught!

Thats right, some amateurs photographers managed to capture the 2010 Hyundai Coupe undergoing testing in South Korea.
The current model had a facelift and has recently gone on sale across Europe. Tiburon means "shark" in Spanish.
The new model is expected to be bigger, wider and longer than the current model. Some of the styling for the new model is expected to come from the Hyundai HCD8 concept.
Its clear the test mules in using a manual transmission which is connected to a turbocharged direct injection 2.0 petrol engine. The next model is also expected to be more upper market than the current car.
Rumors are reporting a V8 which will be used in the upcoming 2008 Hyundai Genesis. As ever the new coupe is likely to be rear wheel drive and prices could start around $20,000 with the top specs reaching around high $30,000.
Its not sure whether this prototype is for Europe or other Hyundai Coupe markets but its been proven this is defiantly not for the U.S.

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