Saturday 5 May 2007

Volkswagen's 300bhp Golf

Don’t get fooled by the R32 badge on the front, this is the secret new Golf R36. For those who believe the 250bhp engine in the R32 isn’t enough, Volkswagen is developing a 300bhp version of this cannonball. The engine, recently released in the Passat R36, is showing enlarged air intake openings in the front bumper fascia.

Compared to the R32, these air intakes in this R36 prototype look huge. As in the R32, this R36 gets the power down with four wheel drive and a DSG-gearbox. Note that the prototype has also a slightly different front grille. The Golf R36 will have its market launch just before the debut of the next generation Golf VI, however, expect to see it debut in semi-concept form at this year's Frankfurt Motor show in September.

This is the only prototype thats on the Nurburgring racetrack in Germany undegoing high speed testing

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