Thursday 22 October 2009

Ford owners discard most litter, BMW and Citroen owners come 2nd & 3rd (UK)

Ford drivers drop the most rubbish from cars, according to a report issued by Keep Britain Tidy (KBT).

Of the 6,500 littering incidents recorded by KBT since July, 1,262 were reported to have involved Ford drivers. BMW drivers came out as the second worst offenders, with 318 reports, while Citroen drivers came third with 211 reports.

Regional variations were also significant, with 1,289 reports from the South East and 1,252 from the North West – but just 668 from the West Midlands.

The most common items discarded from cars were cigarette butts and fast food wrappers. Nearly 2,000 bags of rubbish are dumped every day on Britain's roads, according to KBT.

KBT says litter-lout drivers should get a one-point endorsement on their licence, a move that it claims is backed by 81% of people in the UK.

Dickie Felton, from KBT, said: 'Our research tells us the only way to stop some motorists from littering is with the threat of points on their licence and a fine.

We're talking to the Government to try and make it see how big a problem this is.'

A Ford spokesman said: 'We are obviously disappointed to see our customers implicated in this way. However, because Ford has been the market leader in the UK for 30 years, there are many more Fords on the road than any other brand, therefore you would expect Ford to be at the top of any survey carried out in this way.'

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