Thursday 22 October 2009

Mazda UK want to supply police cars (UK)

Japanese car maker, Mazda announced it plans to become a major UK police force vehicle supplier in 2010. With Mazda vehicles currently serving in 42 police forces and Government agencies like HM Revenue and Customs, the company now hopes to enter the National Policing Improvement Agency vehicle framework agreement.

“Police forces and other organisations like Mazda vehicles because they are a sporty drive and have first class reliability. It is such attributes that have enabled the company to provide the vehicles that we have done to date, even though we are currently not part of the framework agreement," Jason Jenkins, Mazda UK key account manager said in a release.

Today, the manufacturer supplies some three vehicles per month to law enforcement agencies, with the models most liked by police being Mazda2, Mazda3, Mazda5, Mazda6 and Mazda CX-7. Besides police, Mazda delivered a few vehicles to UK fire brigades and NHS Trust ambulance fleets.

If it makes it in the vehicle framework agreement, Mazda hopes to deliver some 15 to 20 vehicles a month. The manufacturer will take the necessary steps towards being ready for the agreement, scheduled to come into effect in March 2010.

"We will not know until later this year or early in 2010 whether or not we will be included within the new agreement, but we are putting a lot of resources into obtaining approval and have exhibited at the annual National Association of Police Fleet Managers’ Conference."

"We are currently focusing on supplying vehicles for covert operations, but in the future we will be looking to supply vehicles for frontline ‘blue light’ police duties. Such business is a growth area for Mazda.”

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