Monday 5 October 2009

Seat Ibiza most unreliable supermini (UK)

The Honda Jazz is the most reliable supermini on sale, while an incredible 48% of Seat Ibizas suffer faults, according to Warranty Direct. Warranty Direct based its findings on the results of its 50,000 UK policies that cover cars between the ages of 4-7 years old. The firm discovered that just 10% of Jazzes suffered a problem.

In second place was the Toyota's Yaris (13% incident of fault) followed by the Ford Fiesta, with 17% of all cars covered by the warranty provider suffering a failure.

Worst for reliability was the Seat Ibiza with 48% suffering a fault, 40% of which was suspension related. The Spanish car maker has yet to issue a statement but has already responded by carrying out an investigation into the warranty firm's claims. An insider has said that close attention will be paid to the sample size of the study.

As well as listing the average failure rate, Warranty Direct also listed the average cost of repair for a failure as being £208.99 in the supermini class. The third place Fiesta did well, costing less than half the average to fix at just £91.

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