Saturday 19 June 2010

Brilliance to re-enter Europe (EU)

Chinese manufacturer, Brilliance will return to Europe after setting up its own new distributor.

It was revealed that the firm would end exports of its BS4 and BS6 saloons to certain European markets after the cars were met with a tepid reception, while the firm also supposedly struggled to meet ever-changing European emissions regulations.

Brilliance has now created a new distributor, Shenhua Europe GmbH, who is responsible for operations, establishing dealerships, spare parts distribution and warranties of European Brilliance models. Its HQ will be in Ginsheim, Germany and the company will be led by ex- Hyundai Europe manager, Eberhard Niering.

Niering told German media, “Brilliance would like to establish itself in Europe with its products over the long term."

Between 2007 and 2009 Brilliance sold just 502 BS4s and BS6s across Europe, according to industry analyst Jato Dynamics. Brilliance is also BMW's partner in China.

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