Wednesday 30 June 2010

ESC to get cheaper (UK)

Bosch has designed and developed a new steering-wheel sensor that should make fitting stability control cheaper and more widely available in small cars. The system uses technology to establish the angle of the steering wheel, something that is increasingly used in stability control systems.

It's cheaper than previous systems, which, Bosh says, makes it particularly suitable for small cars where standard fitment of stability control is less common.

It is estimated that it costs £200 for car manufacturers to fit stability control and that if it were standard on every car it would reduce road deaths by 30%. According to motor industry research centre Thatcham, which monitors fitment rates and tests effectiveness, only 63% of new cars in the UK have stability control fitted as standard – one of the lowest figures in Europe.

The 2008 Fiat 500 has ESP as standard, while the 2009 Citroen C1 has ESP as an option.

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