Tuesday 1 June 2010

Toyota extends warranty (UK)

Starting from today, Toyota UK will be extending their standard warranty from 3 years to 5 years. The longer deal was introduced back in March as Toyota tried to redirect negative publicity over its vehicle recalls. Buyers could choose between 3 years free servicing or a 5 year warranty.

"Our new five-year warranty is tangible evidence of our commitment to quality and to our customers – both those who are loyal to the brand, and those who are considering switching to Toyota for their next car," said Miguel Fonseca, Toyota GB managing director.

"By taking this major initiative we are giving our customers complete peace of mind. We want to reassure them that, in choosing a Toyota, they are getting the best in quality, reliability and durability."

The 5 year warranty is designed to rival those offered by South Korean rivals Hyundai (5 years) and Kia (7 years). However, Toyota's deal has a 100,000 mile limit, whereas the Korean brands' have no stated mileages.

Toyota says that the new warranty is mainly targeted at buyers who might not have considered the firm's cars before, and buyers who might have been put off by the various recalls over the past few months.

There are no plans to extend the warranty on cars from Lexus, Toyota’s luxury division.

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