Tuesday 12 October 2010

BSM dumps its Fiat 500 fleet (UK)

The UK’s biggest driving school, BSM (U.S equivalent would be Drivers Ed), has terminated its four-year contract with Fiat after 80% of instructors wanting the Corsa supermini back.

The main reason the Corsa will make a come-back is because instructors complained the 500 was “too small” for them.

The agreement with Fiat lasted 18 months and BSM (British School if Motoring) is now arranging to replace its 3,250 500s with five-door Corsas, restoring an 18-year association with Vauxhall.

A spokesman for BSM said that “a break clause in the Fiat contract” and “an excellent deal from Vauxhall”, along with the instructor feedback, marked a swift end for L-plated 500s.

BSM CEO, Nikolai Kesting said that it had “received a clear message” from its instructors and learners that the “Corsa is their car of choice”.

The switch over will begin in March 2011 and is set to be complete by the end of the year.

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