Monday 4 October 2010

Dodge brand pulls out of British market (UK)

The Dodge brand has been axed in the UK.

Insider within Dodge have said no more models will be sold after the slow-selling Journey mid-sized MPV was silently removed from price lists.

Other Dodge models like the Nitro SUV and Caliber compact family car have been eradicated from the UK line-up following poor sales.

Chrysler LLC is being reorganised in Europe under Fiat. This will see Lancia models introduced in the UK with Chrysler badges to make use of the current dealer sales and servicing network.

Dodge will still be available in some European markets but will move to a niche role in most, or a complete departure as in the UK.

Whether the 2012 Dodge Viper will be offered in the UK is another question. The forthcoming Viper is likely to be accessible as a ‘grey import’ or formally through Chrysler dealerships.

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