Wednesday 21 January 2009

2009 Fiat 500 C spotted nearly undisguised

The last time spy photographers spied the Fiat 500 C, it was undergoing high-speed testing at the famous Nurburgring racetrack. Now, spies have caught a fleet of 500 C's being loaded onto a transporter in Italy.

The newcomer will be a semi-convertible that has a retractable fabric roof. Fiat is developing this semi-convertible for two reasons - to save costs (engineers did not have to redesign the body as it is needed on full convertibles) and secondly, to distance the 500 C from competitors like the Mini or VW Beetle convertibles.

Prices should kick-off at £10,000 for the basic 1.2 litre Pop with when it arrives in late April '09. The UK market will be the first market in Europe to receive the 500 C since more drop-tops are sold here than anywhere else in Europe, despite Summer's in recent years.

Via > Fiat 500 C spied

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