Thursday 8 January 2009

Leaked: 2009 Honda Insight (EU)

Following the JDM Honda Insight brochure leak, we can now see the European model in all its glory.

The UK version of Honda’s new ‘affordable hybrid’ differs only slightly from the production-ready U.S model unveiled at the end of last year, with clear indicator lenses and conventional round fog lights.

The Insight is part of a family of green Hondas that include the FCX Clarity hydrogen fuel car, Jazz hybrid and the forthcoming production version of the CR-Z concept.

Honda has yet to confirm the details of the new Insight hybrid, but power is likely to come from the 1.4 litre i-VTEC engine (used in the new Jazz) coupled with the latest version of Honda’s hybrid system, but judging by the numberplates, the engine used in the photos is a 1,300cc or 1.4 litre i-VTEC. In order to help drivers maximise fuel economy and decrease C02 emissions, the Insight will be equipped with Honda's new interactive Ecological Drive Assist System. Reports suggest that the new Insight is capable of surpassing 70mpg combined.

With over 200,000 units expected to be produced, Honda says the U.S should eat up half the demand. The Honda Insight hybrid will go on sale in April 2009 and is expected to undercut the Toyota Prius, with prices starting at £15,000.

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