Sunday 22 February 2009

Chevrolet says "no" to RHD Camaros

After Chevrolet announced RHD Camaros back in June 2008, GM has recently announced that the Camaro will only be available in LHD. This was going to be an expansion of the Chevrolet brand in the UK, where Chevy vehicles tend to be budget vehicles.

Chevrolet has abandoned plans to build the new Chevrolet Camaro muscle car in right hand drive and will bring in significantly fewer models than initially thought. Tooling for the right hand drive Chevrolet Camaro was already underway, but will now be cancelled in order to help preserve GM’s cash.

Just 100 Chevrolet Camaros will be imported – 50 coupes and 50 convertibles – in order to keep numbers below the threshold for type-approval regulations.

All UK-bound Chevrolet Camaros will get the 500bhp 6.2 litre V8 Corvette engine; the U.S-market entry-level 296bhp V6 model will not be available.

Despite the small number of imports, Chevrolet believes it will still make a profit thanks to the car’s £35,000 price tag, however, private buyers who are planning to import for the U.S will pay around £30,000. Chevrolet revealed it had received around 12,000 advanced orders for the new Camaro in the U.S, with the V6 accounting for most orders. The Camaro will hit British shores in 2011.

Countries like Ireland, UK, India, Pakistan, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and parts of Southern & South Eastern Africa will all lose out.

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