Friday 6 February 2009

Grandma fails driving test 771 times (SK)

A South Korean grandmother has failed the written exam on her driving test, for the 771st time, but is hoping to attempt her 772nd testing will be the charm.

An official in the southwestern city Jeonju, 150 miles south of Seoul, says the 68 year old woman took her first test in April 2005.

Choi Young-Cheol, a police sergeant who supervised the test, said the aspiring driver had taken the test almost every working day since 2005. She recorded her 771st failure on 2nd February.

The test-taker was only identified by her family name, Cha. Local media said that she sells food and household items door to door at apartment complexes, carrying the items in a handcart, but wants to get a car for her business.

Choi said that Cha can not pass the preliminary written section of the test, averaging scores of 30-50 whereas the pass mark is 60 out of 100. He said that she's spent around 4 million KRW/£1,977 on test fees and has told officials she'll keep on trying.

A similar situation has occurred in 2005 with a man, Mr Seo who was unable to pass his theoretical part of his driving test for the 271st time. The 69 year old man passed his test on the 272nd attempt.

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