Monday 23 November 2009

Groom crashes £233k Lambo (UK)

Any wedding, another supercar, another Lamboghini and another British driver. This time, it's a Murcielago Roadster, not a Gallardo.

A bridegroom's dream drive to his wedding ended in catastrophe when he crashed the £232,990 Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster that his bride had hired for him.

David Gallucci and his best man walked away from the wrecked car with nothing more than bruising after crashing on a roundabout near Bradford. The car suffered more than £160,000 worth of damage and has reportedly been written off. Gallucci's new wife, Abi also lost the £5,000 deposit that she'd paid to cover the insurance excess for hiring the car.

Mr Gallucci opted not to tell his wife-to-be about the damage until after the ceremony, instead saying that the supercar had broken down. When he eventually came clean, his new wife saw the funny side. She said: 'I get in trouble with him if I get the slightest scratch on an alloy. It cost me £8,000 to hire the car for 1 hour but thankfully I paid the excess insurance, otherwise we'd have to sell the house.'

The hire company refused to comment on the incident.

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