Saturday 21 November 2009

Toyota Prius posts very strong sales for October (JP)

In the Toyota Prius vs Honda Insight hybrid battle of sales in Japan, it is the Prius which continues to rule.

In October, the Prius was Japan's number one selling car for the sixth consecutive month. Toyota's third-generation model put 26,918 units on the board, while the Insight was down in ninth place with 7,074 units.

The Insight, the first hybrid to top Japan's sales charts this April, is also now regularly being outsold by the Fit (Jazz) in the country too. The Fit was Japan's second biggest seller in October with 15,444 units. Nonetheless, Honda isn't concerned about the Insight's flagging sales.

First, the sales target for the Insight is set at 5,000 units per month, so Honda's hybrid is still actually well ahead of schedule.

Second, the Fit is still a very competitive all-rounder, especially in terms of mpg, utility and pricing, and is on the market for much less than an Insight. Therefore Honda is happy the Fit is where it is and the Insight is more than living up to expectations.

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