Friday 30 July 2010

Buick pondering over station wagon, coupe and convertible (U.S)

In a live web chat aired on GM's official blog, Buick Product Marketing Director, Roger McCormack answered questions from the general public. He said that Buick is looking into increase the brand's line-up in the U.S with new models.

Apart from a small crossover that has been confirmed, McCormack said Buick is considering numerous alternatives including a coupe, convertible with either a soft-top or a hard-top and a station wagon.

One question asked was whether or not Buick is considering a coupe model, in which McCormack answered: “Yes, it’s under very strong consideration".

Another question was about a convertible. He answered; "We are always looking for ways to excite our customers...I think a convertible would do just that. Nothing to announce today but know we will look hard at a convertible option".

All in all, McCormack said: “As we mentioned, we are looking at all options...a coupe, convertible, a wagon, a retractable hardtop and more...we don't know right now which direction we'll go. We think the Buick brand can stretch in a lot of directions."

Unsurprisingly, McCormack didn’t reveal many details about the potential models. However, we imagine that the coupe, station wagon and convertible models would underpin either the Regal (Vauxhall/Opel Insignia) or the Vauxhall/Opel Astra. A sedan variant – badged as Buick Excelle GT in China – is expected to be launched in the U.S next year.

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L. Ibido said...

All these car pictures are visually stunning. I am very much sports and car freak. I like all of them.

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