Tuesday 20 July 2010

News in brief

Alfa Romeo Giulietta coupe coming?:

According to sources, Alfa Romeo might produce a coupe variant of the Giulietta family car. The coupe would be named ‘Sprint’, because the first-generation Giulietta, dating back to 1954 also had a coupe model called the Sprint.

If given the green-light, it would replace the aging 147-based GT coupe.

BMW X6 as a proper SUV-coupe:

Russian car tuner, ArmorTech has turned a regular BMW X6 coupe into a genuine 3dr SUV-coupe. Modifying the X6 was no easy task; the B-pillar was pushed backwards, 250mm were added to the front doors, and the rear window was moved forward by 200mm. ArmorTech also installed bespoke front seats which tilt and slide forward to allow passengers easy access to the rear seat.

Engine, suspension, braking and exhaust upgrades are available, alongside a host of accessories. ArmorTech says the vehicle will be available worldwide.

Jaguar green-lights XF wagon, XF LWB, F-Type (XE) & X-Type replacement:

JLR has approved the much anticipated XE/F-Type sports car & X-Type replacement. Tata Motors CEO, Carl-Peter Forster confirmed that the models are in early development stages. While no release dates were announced, Forster did reveal that both models would come in “several variations”. It’s natural to presume the X-Type successor to come in sedan, wagon, coupe and convertible bodyshells, while the XE could arrive in coupe & cabriolet form.

Speculation suggest that the vehicles will be built adapted aluminum chassis which is currently being built for the next-generation XF, however, the XE could be built on the same platform as the next-generation XK sports car. An XE concept car will debut at the 2011 Geneva motorshow.

In addition to the aforementioned models, Forster revealed plans for a XF wagon for Europe and XF LWB for the Chinese market.

Toyota Supra to return in 2014?:

The head of Toyota Motor Co, Akio Toyoda said he would love to see the Supra back on the market. The Supra will strongly resemble the FT-HS concept, which was first revealed at the 2007 Detroit motorshow. Rumors indicated that a hybrid set-up would be used, in conjunction with a V6 petrol engine.

Toyota is already preparing a replacement for the MR-2 – which will use a 1.5 litre petrol engine, linked to a hybrid drivetrain – and is in advanced development stages – with Subaru – of the FT-86 sports car.

McLaren MP4 receives ‘2,700 interests’:

McLaren has gotten 2,700 ‘interests’ from people attracted to the MP4-12C. If the preliminary interests are converted into sales, it is enough to account for at least two years of production. The MP4 is now enduring final shake-down tests, having done more than 1m test miles on five continents.

The MP4 has been given a target price of less than £175,000, and boss Ron Dennis has vowed that buyers will not only get the fastest car money can buy, but also the highest build quality and level of dealer and aftersales support from any car company.

Under the hood is a Ricardo-developed twin-turbocharged 3.8 litre 90-degree V8 engine, producing 592bhp. Around 598Nm (442lb/ft) of torque is available from 3000rpm, although 80% is available between 2000-6500rpm. An all-new F1 in 2012, as well as a smaller, entry-level supercar is in the pipeline.

Chevrolet nabs over 90% of car-market in Uzbekistan:

Budget car manufacture, Chevrolet has pinched 94% of the car-market in Uzbekistan, which means it sold 59,485 units out of a total market of 63,220 vehicles. In the first five months of 2010, Chevrolet took 98.6% of passenger car-sales.

Porsche 918 price-tag likely to eclipse Carrera GT:

Whispering sources within Porsche have said that the 918 Spyder hybrid supercar could cost approximately £420,000 (€ 500k), over shadowing the £321,000 Carrera GT. Order books have yet to be open, however, Porsche has received over 2,000 ‘expressions of interest’ from people.

Under the hood is a 3.4 litre V8 petrol engine, making 500bhp and a pair of 80kW electric motors allowing the vehicle to drive upto 25km (15.5 miles) on electric power alone, with CO2 emissions of 70g/km.

Subaru revises design plan:

In order to appeal to a larger audience, Subaru is rethinking its design strategy said design boss, Osamu Namba.

Previously, Subaru has been considered as an engineering-led company, with design taking second place. Namba – who joined Subaru in 2008 – wants to bring the brand to the masses with a united design language.

"We want to broaden the appeal to make it accessible to more than a small, loyal crowd," he said. "We need to add a more contemporary element."

Namba said Subaru needs to inject some design flair into their designs and react more quickly to market trends.

"I don't want it to be just something serious and boring," he said. "A lot of people don't know that Subaru brand. If we can make styling more accessible, it will bring them in."

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