Sunday 12 December 2010

Kia asking dealerships to inspect 2011 Optima accelerator pedal (U.S)

Kia is asking its dealerships to carefully examine the 2011 Optima’s accelerator pedal as it could be faulty.

According to Kia, the root of the issue comes from the spring intended to keep the pedal in position while driving. Kia’s repair notice states the pedal may be “noisy” and that there is “unsatisfactory… responsiveness while driving.”

The Optimas affect were produced between 16th October – 24th November. All Optimas are constructed in Hwaseong, South Korea.

Kia has just sold 135 2011 Optimas, indicating many dealerships don’t have the new car on their register yet.


Joshua's Law Online Course said...

That's a good sign that Kia learned something from their other automakers trouble (Toyota) which make them act earlier, any way if every one follow the suit then consumers will be the winners.

Nevada Learners Permit said...

That's a very good move, which will increase the reputation of company & customer satisfaction

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