Monday 5 December 2011

Say what: Bentley dealership fails to regard BIN price (U.S)

Most of the time when we see a product or service we like that offers more benefits than usual, it's often too good to be true, as is this case of a customer in Washington when he saw a 2008 Bentley Continental GTC with a BIN (Buy It Now) price of $13,900 on eBay. The customer being a man called Andre Souang, an avid eBay user.

Long story short, Souang accepted the BIN price and was soon contact by the dealership selling the car, Bentley Scottsdale.

Internet manager, Anthony Petruso wrote in a message “This is a gross mistake,”. “Please don’t try to damage our business and, more importantly, I am asking you personally as this could cause me to lose my job. I am asking please don’t continue with this, my family and I cannot afford for me to lose my job over this.”

Souang knew it was too good to be true and was hoping the salesman would negotiate a deal of some sort.

“What they should have done was offer me something at cost,” Souang said. “That way neither one of us loses anything. I would have paid cost for the car. That is something we could have done.”

eBay favoured the dealership more than Mr. Souang. “Occasionally … our members make mistakes,” eBay assistant general counsel Jack Christin said. “In this case, they missed a zero. And that was a pretty significant zero. We felt the appropriate thing to do was to take the listing down.”

To add insult to injury, Bentley Scottsdale won’t sell another car at retail price to Souange, saying it does “not do business with people who seek to do harm to others over simple mistakes.”

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