Friday 30 December 2011

Scrappy: Honda scraps over 1,000 flood-damaged cars

Like most people around the globe, Honda wants a fresh start to 2012, and will scrap over 1,000 Thai-built, flood-damaged cars, most of them being the new Brio city-car.

It is to ensure that no flood-damaged cars are sold to the public or refurbished, as later down the line, it may severely damage Honda's reputation.

“While we were able to relocate many new cars that were awaiting shipment to a safe area, 1,055 vehicles that remained in the plant were finally damaged by the flood,” said Pitak Pruittisarikorn, executive vice president of Honda Automobile Thailand. Pruittisarikorn added, “We will not sell any of the damaged cars to customers, or sell or reuse any of the parts.”

Furthermore, Honda reckons that it will lose six months’ worth of production due to the extensive damage caused to its factory, situated in Ayutthaya, Thailand.

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