Tuesday 7 August 2012

Video: How to deal with road rage, Russian style!

This video is one of our favourite Russian dash-cam videos of this year! Not only is it creative but it also marks a departure from the usual palaver associated with dash-cam videos.

The story starts with two Toyotas driving through the city traffic in two separate lanes, which eventually merges into one. A stubborn Toyota Avensis hatchback driver refused to allow an equally stubborn Land Cruiser driver into the lane. Following numerous attempts, the frustrated driver of the Land Cruiser overtakes the Avensis and drives off down the road like a douché before coming to a stop on the side of the road.

Waiting for the Avensis to pass-by, the Land Cruiser speeds through the deep puddles and drowns the mid-sized hatchback (and another car on the opposite lane) with muddy water.

Furious at the incident, the Avensis is seen speeding off chasing the Land Cruiser, but unfortunately, the dash-cam vehicle doesn’t go after them – it would have been interesting to see how this story concluded.

Revenge is a dish best served wet and cold!

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