Sunday 2 April 2006

2006 Vauxhall Corsa (5 Door)

I know I posted the 3 door Vauxhall Corsa but I haven't post the 5 door so here it is. It will have a very similar profile to the Tigra and the Astra. The 3 and 5 door will duebt at the British Motorshow in July. The 3 door will look different from the 5 door. Here it is in minimal disguise. It could be snapped in Germany undergoing a series of tests.

For the first time an additional side window will be added. The last side window is in disguise but the outline can be seen alsoa smaller front window under disguise will be put on the production model. The mirrors will be place behind the small front window just like the Grande Punto. Based on the Fiat Grande Punto it will be much bigger and wider than the current car. Prices will be similar to the Punto too. The Grande Punto is priced at £7,594 for the base model going all the way upto £12,295.

Hopefully we will be at the British Motorshow on Tuesday 12th July 2006

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