Saturday 22 April 2006

FREEZE! (2007 Ford Focus RS)

As can be seen on these photos, Ford’s racing team is busy developing the hottest version of the Focus model range, the new RS. Almost on the last day of cold weather testing season, Ford came out with this prototype for a short test drive on a frozen lake in Sweden.
The test car has visibly big air intakes in the hood and stretched wheel arches to cover running gear from Volvo S60R saloon. As well as the four-wheel-drive transmission, the Focus RS also gets the S 60 R‘s turbocharged 5 cyl. engine, this one with a bigger turbo, estimated to deliver around 300 HP. However, Ford is expected to limit the performance car’s top speed to approximately 155 mph.
Not much has been said about the release of the new RS, rumours suggest a launch by the end of 2007 and a price tag of £25.000.

Hopefully this will be successful like the 5 door Focus Hatchback....

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